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Van Hire in Hereford

Van Hire in Hereford

A lot of people sometimes get bored of their current surroundings and prefer to move to another city.  Hereford is a city where lots of people move to to escape their past lives.  As one of the oldest cities in England, Hereford is filled with lots of ancient monuments and historical buildings which attract not only tourists, but people who are looking to start a new life.  Those same people will have to go through a very stressful procedure before they can enjoy their new life and that is moving from one city to another.  The main source of the stress is the need to transport every little thing they own.  This can be troublesome even if they hire a moving company.  That is because some of them do not trust the moving company to be able to transport the cargo without damaging any of it.  They would often rather just rent a van and do the job themselves. That is why van hire in Hereford is a growing and prosperous business.

Van Hire in Hereford Companies

There are plenty of companies to choose from if you need van hire in Hereford like Hertz and National Car. Europcar is also a powerful international car rental company that offers a wide range of vehicles and provides great customer service. It was named the “world’s leading leisure car hire company” by the World Travel Awards due to the quality of their services and their offers.

If you prefer to use a local car hire company then you could go with Enterprise Rent-A-Car which has service stations throughout the United Kingdom. Another option would be LT Baynham Self Drive Hire, a company started in Hereford that has over 35 years of experience with providing good, quality services to their customers.

Van Hire in Hereford Costs

LT Baynham Self Drive Hire has a great range of affordable rates for all of their vehicles. Their smallest van, the Peugeot Bipper, goes for £50 for a day, £100 for the weekend and £250 for the week. If you need something a little bigger you could rent a Ford Transit 260 SWB for £52 a day, £104 for the weekend or £290 for the entire week. A Ford Transit 350 LWB goes for £67 for the day, £134 for the weekend and £360 for an entire week. Their biggest vans, the Ford Transit Dropside and the Ford Transit Luton with tail lift go for around £80 for the day and £400 to £430 for the entire week.

Finding a Van Hire in Hereford Company

If you are looking for van hire in Hereford then you will have plenty of companies to choose from. Your focus should be on making sure that you go with the best option available. If you know a friend, a family member or anyone else that you trust that can help you with this decision you should reach out to them. That is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your van hire in Hereford.

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