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Van Hire in Great Yarmouth

Van Hire in Great Yarmouth

Moving your household things to a new place is a stressful, draining exercise that is fraught with all sorts of misadventure.  Some of your stuff can get lost or broken – in transit or after – and then there is the long, effortful process of fixing the décor just the way you like it.  If you have done it before you may never wish to have to do it ever again.  But moving is an inevitable fact of life, and depending on the volume of things to be moved, or the distance involved, you may not be able to use your car for this purpose.  In most cases you will have to rent, or borrow, a van or truck.  Borrowing is a luxury reserved for only a few, but fortunately there is no shortage of van hire companies in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and they offer the full range of models to suit your particular requirement.

Van Hire in Great Yarmouth Companies

What volume of stuff you have to move – and of course its weight – will determine the size of van you need. Practically all the van hire companies in Great Yarmouth however operate large fleets of vehicles, ranging from the small, light-duty vans to the really big, heavy-duty models, such as the Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Great Yarmouth National Car offers you a full range of vans, with no limitation on mileage. Plus, they also give you a damage and liability waiver. But naturally you will have to meet the cost of the fuel.
  • Yarmouth Car Hire delivers the van free of charge to you in case you are renting it for 5 days or more. For shorter periods you will have to collect it yourself from their offices (or pay for the delivery). They boast of maintaining a fleet of new vans, with none of their vans more than 2 years old. That may be critical if you are moving a great distance.

Van Hire in Great Yarmouth Costs

Rental charges in Great Yarmouth average around £30 for renting a small van for one day to £70 for the big vans. The average for a week’s rental is £160 for the smaller vans, and £365 for the big vans. For the weekend the smaller vans rent for £70 on average, £95 for the medium sized vans, and £150 for the heavy-duty vans.

Finding a Van Hire in Great Yarmouth Company

The family and friends network is your best source of information when you want to find a reliable van hire company in Great Yarmouth. Ask friends and relatives who have needed to hire a van sometime, and seek their recommendations as to which company to use. Or you may have used a delivery company to have stuff transported to your house. Most of the time these companies also rent vans from the van hire services and they may be able to give you a good recommendation. Other than that your only other alternative is to call the companies themselves and compare their offers.

Whenever the need arises and you have to move your things in the Yarmouth area you can always use the services of a company that specialises in van hire in Great Yarmouth. You have several companies to choose from and most of them will have just the right van for you. Just make sure you get the best possible service at the best possible rates.

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