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Van Hire in Cornwall

Van Hire in Cornwall

As everyone knows, Cornwall is a beautiful place located on the peninsula of South West England.  As such this makes it a beautiful place for travelling and exploring.  Travelling is much more fun if a lot of friends or family members are on the roads, exploring together.  And unless you have a van at home, the best solution is van hire.  Hiring a van in the UK is not a problem, since there are many reputable companies spread across UK.  One company is surely to be found nearby.  Even if someone is living in Cornwall, there is a great chance of finding a worthy company that offers van hire in Cornwall and the surrounding areas.

Van Hire in Cornwall Companies

Thrifty Car and Van Rental is the first one on our list. Thrifty Rentals realise that often people require van hire in Cornwall for touring purposes because Cornwall is a beautiful place and they want to make the most of it while visiting there. Thrifty Rentals have a lot of vans to offer. You can choose from their 4 door and 5 door vans. Many of these are air conditioned, however this can be checked at the time of booking.

Rental Van Hire is also another company in Cornwall which offers pretty inexpensive rates on van hire in the locality. They offer server on-line van hire, which means that the person who needs to hire the van no longer has to be the card holder. With Rental Van Hire, vans can be hired on the company’s credit card as well. With that, only the name of the driver should be given, which will be checked along with his UK driver’s licence at the time of delivery of the van. Rental Van Hire have different sizes of vans to offer. When searching for a suitable firm this is one company that should definitely be checked out.

Van Hire in Cornwall Costs

Prices vary from one company to another hugely. However an approximate cost can be given to give the reader a vague idea of what to expect. For example, a medium transit van can be hired from £50 - £60. A Large wheel base van can be hired for £65. Lutons with or without tail lift differ in their costs even for one day but their price can be expected to be between £75 and £90. The 7.5 tonne vans with tail lifts will cost over £100. These approximate prices are for one day hire and they can depend upon where the delivery is required and the condition of the vehicle that is hired.

Finding a Van Hire in Cornwall Company

If the van hire companies described in this article are not suitable for your needs, your next best option would be to ask friends, colleagues and small business owners in your area if they have had any experience with van hire in Cornwall and if they can recommend a company to suit your needs, or advise you further.

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