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Van Hire in Norwich

Van Hire in Norwich

The great thing about hiring a van is that you get the opportunity to drive a new van, every time you hire again.  This can be a wonderful experience, especially if you are travelling and need to move goods or people in an area that you are unfamiliar with.  In many ways, hiring a van is a treat as long as you have the right contacts and don’t have to pay a fortune.  Remember that space is important.  If you wanted to be crammed up or didn’t have to move things around, you would have opted for a car.  So, sometimes it is better to splash out a little bit for a bigger van that perfectly suits the original need.

Van Hire Companies in Norwich

  • Norwich Car Hire have a variety of vans so you should find something to adequately suit your needs. They boast great value and appear to be the market leader in terms of their product range and the status of their business.
  • Advance Vehicle Rental offer two streams of hiring; one for business and one for personal use. They have tailor picked vans that suit each category and offer a lot of information upfront.

Van Hire Costs in Norwich

Norwich Car Hire have a range of vans available for different prices. You can hire a VW Caddy which is a small van, for £30 a day. Or, you can opt for the weekly rate of £160 which will save you over £100. If you just need the van for a weekend, it will set you back £70 which is a reasonable fee. If you need a bigger van for moving or business, they also offer the Mercedes Sprinter which is a long wheel vehicle. The weekly hiring fee is £365 with the daily fee coming in at £70. Again, it will be significantly less to hire this van for a week. At Advance Vehicle Rentals, you can hire a Peugot Partner with sliding doors for £36 daily. Otherwise, you will pay £59 for a Jumbo van for a daily rental. This is a much bigger van with more capabilities but not necessary for family travel.

Finding a Van Hire in Norwich Company

Referrals are your best friend. When in doubt, ask and trust your intuition as well. For every good hiring company there is one more who will charge you hidden costs and won’t be able to provide the additional services that you need. This can be daunting if you should get into an accident or get a flat tire. It is important to read testimonials and referrals and take the advice of your family or others you know who have used a similar service.

At the end of the day, companies like Norwich Car Hire and Advance Vehicle Rentals are more than capable when it comes to providing you with quality service and a range of vehicles for you to choose from in relation to your budget. Van hire in Norwich is a painless process with the right mindset.

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