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Van Hire in Leicester

Van Hire in Leicester

If you love Walkers Crisps as much as the next guy, you’re probably constantly upset about the amount of crisp packets you can fit into the boot of your family sedan.  Every time you wish you can fit just a few more packets of your favourite Walkers Salt and Vinegar flavour crisps in there.  That, of course, is not the only reason why you’d hire a van.  If you’re moving home or office it can be a great money saving option, or even if you’ve just bought a new bed or lounge suite that you need to collect and get home, hiring a van is a pain free way of getting your belongings or furniture moved around at an economical price.

Van Hire in Leicester Companies

City Self Drive is one of the few companies offering van hire in Leicester and is a local family run business that have been around since 1962. Their fleet range from cars to light and heavy commercial vans. They say they are very flexible with rental solutions and can offer a package perfectly tailored for your needs.

East Mids Hire is one of the larger companies operating in the Leicester area and have branches all around the East Midlands. They offer a full range of cars and vans, right up to a 7.5 ton truck. They run daily and weekly specials for customers, so it’s a good idea to check in with them every now and again because some of these deals are really good. They accept cash, credit and debit cards but they only accept credit or debit cards for their deposit. They allow additional drivers at an additional daily fee on all rentals.

Van Hire in Leicester Costs

If you’ve moved before, you know the costs involved with moving are astronomical, and often you’re left squeezing every last cent out of any savings that can be made. Van hire is a cheap and effective way of saving money when you move. For a small Citroen Berlingo, you’ll pay just £25 a day or if you need it for longer, a week’s hire will cost you £100. For a larger Ford Transit LWB, the daily rental rate averages at £60 a day and the weekly cost is £380 average. If you need a large van, a Luton box van comes in at about £75 a day or £440 a week.

Finding a Van Hire in Leicester Company

If you’re hiring a van, you know the importance of the reliability of the van you’re hiring. If the company you choose doesn’t service and maintain their vehicles, you might end up suffering with an unreliable van that breaks down on the side of the motorway, full of your belongings. That’s why before you choose a van hire company, you should ring up your mates and family and ask them if they’ve had any experience with van hire. They might be able to give you good advice on which company to use and other tips that they’ve experienced when they’ve used van hire in Leicester.

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