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Van Hire in Nuneaton

Van Hire in Nuneaton

Buying a van these days is expensive.  If you’re a company, you have to worry about the monthly payments and before you know it, your accounts department is telling you your van has been depreciated.  Why go through all that when you can just hire a van long term?  And even if you only need a van to move houses or to make a once-off delivery or collection, van hire in Nuneaton couldn’t be easier.  We’ve had a look at a few of the companies that offer van hire in Nuneaton hoping to make your decision a little easier.

Van Hire in Nuneaton Companies

  • Nuneaton Vehicle Rental offers many different types of vans for rental. They offer short and long term rental, as well as offering you full AA cover and all inclusive prices. They have a range of vehicles from many different manufactures, including Mercedes and VW. They offer to have a go at beating any quote you already have too.
  • CV2 Self Drive is another company you should look at for van hire in Nuneaton. Again, they specialise in both long and short term hire. They offer a large selection of vehicles to hire and will also give you seven days hire for the price of five days which is a fantastic deal. Lastly, they also offer contract hire – even if they don’t have the vehicle in their fleet.
  • JRM Hire and Leasing are the last company we looked at. They proudly say that they are very flexible. They promise to hire vans that are clean and reliable and offer full emergency backup. They also claim to be the local favourite by offering the best prices in the area as well as the widest selection of vans. They hire and sell both large and small vans for any period of time you need.

Van Hire in Nuneaton Costs

Van hire in Nuneaton can vary in cost between the various companies operating in the area. We found you’re likely to pay around £35 for a small van per day, and about £190 for a 7 day rental. For the bigger vans, a day is going to cost you about £70 and a week a little over £320. The contract hires with some of the companies we looked at offer are very flexible, but the example we looked at was £1250 a month for a Renault Kangoo. Whatever your needs, van hire in Nuneaton is on average slightly more expensive than other towns in the UK.

Finding a Van Hire in Nuneaton Company

We always recommend that your first step to finding the right van hire company is to ask your relatives or friends. Usually they’ll have some stories of their experiences with van hire companies that will go a long way in helping you select which company to use for van. Ask people you know that have recently moved or maybe you have a friend that uses a van hire company at work that will be perfect for your needs for van hire in Nuneaton.

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