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Van Hire in Walsall

Van Hire in Walsall

Gone are the days of hand mining limestone and loading it onto a horse-drawn cart for transport to back to town from the old Walsall limestone mines.  These days, we are completely reliant on motorised transport.  This is especially true if we are about to move home or office.  Once all your possessions are bubble wrapped and packed neatly into boxes, you need to get them to your new home or office.  You can either call a removals company and do it at a premium price, or simply hire a van and move yourself.  When it comes to van hire in Walsall, you have a few options of which company to hire your van from.

Van Hire in Walsall Companies

  • Golds Vehicle Rentals is a car and van self-drive hire company operating in the Walsall area. They started hiring vehicles in 1967 and operate a large fleet of vehicles. All of their vans are fitted with CD players and are supplied with a full tank of fuel. They offer discounts on all hires longer than 2 days, and are a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association so you can be assured your hired vans will be of the highest reliability.
  • KB Self Drive also operate in the Walsall area, and pride themselves on offering unlimited mileage on all short and long term vehicle hire. All vans come with full insurance and breakdown service and they offer hire to drivers under the age of 25 at an additional insurance fee. They operate a full fleet of vans and operate 24 hours a day.
  • Northgate Vehicle Hire offers single vans for personal and business use or even entire fleets for your business. They also sell used vans and other commercial vehicles. They have been in operation for 30 years and boast a customer base of over 7000 clients across the United Kingdom. They will give you up to 35% discount for weekly rates and offer special weekend rates. They encourage you to call in and speak to a consultant, who can advise you on the best van for your needs.

Van Hire in Walsall Costs

Hiring a van in Walsall is a simple affair – you can get small vans from £30 a day with discounts for longer rentals, for example a week would cost you £150. Larger vans cost from about £50 a day or £250 a week. If you need a Luton box van, bank on about £75 a day.

Finding a Van Hire in Walsall Company

Good advice on where to go and which van to hire is difficult to come by. A sales person at a van rental company will do their best to sell you on the hire of their vans and use their company. What you really need is some impartial advice. You can get this by asking your friends and family for any experience they might have had in hiring a van so when you do settle on a company, your van hire in Walsall’s experience is smooth and hassle free.

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