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Van Hire in Barnsley

Van Hire in Barnsley

If you are planning to move home in Barnsley you will have the choice of looking for a company who will do all the work for you or you could hire a van and do it yourself.  Van hire in Barnsley leaves you with good options and companies who will help you.  It may not only be when you are moving home that you will be looking for van hire in Barnsley.  Due to the beautiful countryside around the area you could choose to cycle around or even go on cycling holidays.  Rather than buy a van you only use once in a while why not hire a van that will fit the bikes and the tent in and go off for a break.  Even if there are a group of you and you need a car to take the rest of the passengers there will be a van that suits your needs and takes the equipment.

Van Hire Companies in Barnsley

  • Barnsley Van Hire Ltd will be able to offer a service to anyone who wants to hire a van in Barnsley. They have a wide range of sizes on offer and this means that the smallest is a small transit and going up to large wheel based Luton vans.
  • Arrow Self Drive are another company in Barnsley who realise that although it is often a good idea to have a driver when you are using someone else’s van some companies just offer the self-drive service. They are classed as the number 1 for van hire in Barnsley and they are the biggest of the independently run van hire companies in Yorkshire. When companies hire through Arrow they take care of all the maintenance and insurance so it is an expense the businessman can ignore and concentrate on growing their business.
  • Enterprise are a nation van rental company who operate in the Barnsley area and may be a better choice if your van rental needs are to move from Barnsley to a different part of the UK. With weekend specials starting from just £11.99 a day, and a wide fleet to choose from, this is one company that should definitely be checked out.

Van Hire in Barnsley Costs

Barnsley Van Hire will hire a Belingo transit van for £29 a day or £139 for 7 days. A long wheel transit will be £59 per day or £249 a week. If you need a bigger van and are looking at a long based Luton van then it will be £79 a day or £349 for the week. The prices do vary from company to company and some companies charge for added extras so be sure to check everything before deciding on which company will be best for you.

Finding a Van Hire in Barnsley Company

As with everything that is going to cost you money you want to shop around. Ask family and friends if they have used a company and if they have not do they know anyone who has. Check out the vans you see other people using and most people won’t mind if you ask where they hired from and how they found the company. It may even be worth phoning a few and judging them on the first point of contact you have with them.

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