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Van Hire in Stirling

Van Hire in Stirling

Stirling is not only the home of Scotland’s famous Young People’s festival but it is also known for being the luckiest place in the United Kingdom.  Festivals conjure up images of young people in tents, drinking beer around a campfire, not washing for several days and lots and lots of music.  Very few people ever question how these young people get to and from the festivals.  One way they do this is by hiring a van with a group of friends, so they can transport all their gear and enjoy a good time at a festival.  So maybe you are looking at attending the festival in Stirling, or maybe you have some other project to do, such as putting in a new bathroom suite.  Whatever the reason, van hire could be a great way to complete your project and there are plenty of van hire companies to choose from in Stirling.

Van Hire in Stirling Companies

  • Go Green Car and Van Rental are the first environmentally friendly van hire company in the UK. They offer a high quality of service alongside competitive rates. They promise that they will have a van for any hiring needs that you have. Not only this, but you will also be doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint with a percentage of all sales with this company going to local school schemes. With an aim to be carbon neutral, this is one company who have a very bright future ahead of them.
  • Rental Van Hire offer cheap rental rates in the Stirling area on a selection of rental vans, from a double cab drop-side to a Luton van. They offer both two-way and one-way hire, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the van back. Rental Van Hire have built up a good relationship with suppliers.

Van Hire in Stirling Costs

With Rental Van Hire, there are no hidden costs or charges. Their prices include everything and all costs are highlighted when you book your van. For a small van such as the Citroen Berlingo, you are likely to pay around £39.99 per day, or if you wanted a really big Luton Van, you would pay around £228 for a day’s hire.

Finding a Van Hire in Stirling Company

Finding a van hire company in Stirling is very easy. Why not contact some of the companies listed here and see which one can best meet your needs at the most reasonable price? Or you could speak to some friends and/or members of your family who might have recently hired a van. They could certainly give you some great ideas of where to go. Alternatively, you could speak to some local businesses in your area, a green-grocer or a butcher, for example, will often hire a van to move their produce around. Speaking to them could save you the hassle of having to research a host of companies. The best possible advertisement is still word of mouth, so why not give it a go?

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