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Van Hire in Preston

Van Hire in Preston

A lot of people will move at least once in their lives.  When you do that you have to consider how you are going to take all of your things, pack them up and transport them to your new place.  Take into consideration that many times your new place is not even in the same city.  It can even be in a different country.  For long distance transport most people hire a moving company that can haul all of their goods. However, this does not always work out.  Many people find some of their stuff busted or broken because of carelessness on the part of the moving company.  Since it is not their stuff they are breaking some of them just tend to consider it collateral damage and not put too much thought into it.  For those that want to avoid these problems there is another solution: renting a van and transporting their stuff themselves.  Those that do so in the Preston area are in luck as there are plenty of rental companies that will provide the adequate services for people looking for van hire in Preston.

Van Hire in Preston Companies

Plenty of international companies with an established track record operate in Preston. These car rental companies are used worldwide and trusted since they have proven to be efficient and deliver on all of their promises. Companies like Sixt and Van Hire 3000 offer a wide range of automobiles for those that need them at affordable prices. Other companies that can be used are Europcar and National Car that provide a vast array of services and offers for their clients.

Those that wish to use a local car rental service can call on Adelphi Self Drive to fulfil their driving needs. As a company, what they lack in size they make up with great customer service and affordable prices.

Van Hire in Preston Costs

Adelphi Self Drive has a wide range of vehicles at the customer’s disposal. Their smallest van is £36 for a day, and only £150 for a seven day period. These discounts apply to all of their models. Their medium sized vans like the Ford Transit SWB is £42 for the day and £184 for the week. Bigger vans like the LWB model of the Ford Transit are £55 for a day and £225 for the whole week. Their biggest van is the Ford Transit Luton with tail life that goes for £70 for a day and £327 for the entire week.

Finding a Van Hire in Preston Company

People that are looking for van hire in Preston have a lot of companies, different services and vans to choose from. It can get a little difficult trying to figure out which service is the one that you truly need and is most convenient. You can get help with this decision if you ask a friend or a family member that has rented a van before. That way you will make the right choice when you are looking for van hire in Preston.

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