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Van Hire in Bromley

Van Hire in Bromley

Initially part of Kent, Bromley has recently been included in London's Greater Area.  As such, business is blooming and transportation needs are increasing.  Whether you would require it for your own personal use or for business opportunities, van hire has become quite a requested service in the area.  For this purpose, some of the most famous names on the British market have started offering van hire services in Bromley.  If you require such services, finding a supplier might not be as difficult as choosing one.

Van Hire in Bromley Companies

  • One of the biggest names on the van rental market worldwide, Sixt, also has one office in Bromley. With a prestigious background and an impressive international client list, Sixt charges a tiny bit more than the normal car rental company (including for vans), but will guarantee you quality vans and services.
  • Practical Car & Van Rental are the fourth largest van hire company in the United Kingdom, with over 150 offices throughout the country. Like any rental company with a large number of offices, they have the advantage of allowing you to drop the car at a different location compared to the one you picked it up at - which can be very helpful if you are moving. They can arrange any rental services as long as they are announced two business days in advance.
  • EuroRentals is a company that specialises in van hire, developed in the Bromley area in the last fourteen years. As a local company, they will require the car back in the same place it was picked up, but they may also offer you more personalised services and may have a better feel of the local conditions and necessities, as opposed to a global or national company.

Van Hire in Bromley Costs

Depending very much on the size of the van, the prices can vary from as little as £40 to as much as £130 per day. It, of course, also matters which company you choose and which services you would prefer included. You can include options like extra driver or navigation systems - which will, of course, come for an extra price. You may receive discounts in the price-per-day if you rent the van for a longer period of time. If international trips need to be made, some extra charges might also be included.

Finding a Van Hire in Bromley Company

With many rental companies having branches in the area, finding a van hire company will not be a difficult task - not as much as choosing one, anyway. Price will of course, be a relevant issue, although it is recommended that you read a bit on the company you decide upon, especially if it is a new name for you.

Sometimes it is a better idea to go for a more expensive, but secure, company. Research on customer reviews in regards to the quality of the van hire services the company offered (compared to the price), fuel consumption and rental terms and conditions before making any final decisions on your van hire in Bromley.

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