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Van Hire in Romford

Van Hire in Romford

Romford is a very old city in England with a very large shopping district.  This means that the town attracts a lot of tourists every year, as well as people looking to relocate here from other cities.  However, there are a few problems that people must first overcome if they are looking to start a new life in Romford.  The first would be the moving.  They will have to decide how they plan on getting all of their belongings from one city to another.  

One option would be to use a moving company to transport it. However, some people would prefer to avoid doing this because there are frequent cases where the owner’s property is damaged during the long trip and the last thing someone who is starting a new life would want is to begin by having their property come back in pieces. This is why some of them resort to renting a van for a few days or a week and just carry everything themselves. Those that plan on doing this in Romford are in luck as the van hire in Romford business is always increasing.

Van Hire in Romford Companies

  • There are big and powerful companies that everyone knows and trusts like National Car and Europcar that operate in this region. They have hundreds of service stations all over the world so they have the proper skills and experience to provide excellent services to their customers.
  • However, if you would like to go with a British company you can choose to use Practical Car & Van Rental that has stores opened all throughout the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on being the best company out there when it comes to their customer service and their affordable rates.
  • If you want to go with an even smaller business you can choose to work with S&J Self Drive Hire. They are a little family business operating since 1996. Just because they are small does not mean they are not equipped with the newest and best van models available as well as the convenient prices to lure away customers from the bigger, more powerful companies.

Van Hire in Romford Costs

If you need a small or medium sized van, S&J Self Drive can provide them for £40 and £50 a day, respectively. If you want something a little bigger like a Ford Transit LWB you can have one for £55 or £275 for the whole week. The bigger models like a Luton or a Tipper go for £70 per day and £300 for the entire week.

Finding a Van Hire in Romford Company

If you need to rent a van in Romford you have a lot of good options available. Just do a little research beforehand and choose the company that you think provides the best services at the best prices for your needs. Do not be afraid to ask a friend or family member to help you out. That way you can make the best choice when you are looking for van hire in Romford.

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