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Van Hire in Croydon

Van Hire in Croydon

Though it can be advantageous to opt for professional movers when moving house, it can also prove to be very cumbersome indeed.  For one thing, professional movers often lose precious things during this time.  Moreover you might not want to work or be moved at their pace.  And then of course hiring professional movers and packers can cost a huge amount of sum.  All this can be easily avoided by opting for van hire.  Not only does it immensely cut down the cost of moving house, but you can also rest assured that everything will be found in its place when you reach your destination.  Moreover there are many van hiring companies in the UK which also provide packing materials and boxes as an added service.  So it would be great to take advantage of that.  Van hiring companies are located throughout UK; there are even companies which provide van hire in Croydon.  Some of these are very reputable and well known.

Van Hire in Croydon Companies

  • Number One Car and Van Hire is one of the many professional companies which offer van hire in Croydon. They have almost new vehicles available for hire. Number One Car also ensure that they provide the best service to their customers. Their prices are very affordable as well as negotiable. They provide an excellent service which includes picking up the customer from their home to bring them to the office to complete the formalities and to hand them over the vehicles in excellent condition. Moreover this is not a one way service because after the rental period ends, the customer will be dropped back to their home as well.
  • Practical Car and Van Rental is a reputable firm which has branches all over the UK. Therefore nothing needs to be said about their reputation, quality of service and experience. They have an elaborate fleet of cars and vans and they happily provide a service to the main railway and tramway stations. Short term and long term rates can be enquired from them. Their office in Croydon also has all kinds of vans available for hire; and one way self-drive vans can also be made available. Users can easily take their hired vehicle from any company depot and arrange for it to be picked up from any main airport.

Van Hire in Croydon Costs

Costs vary depending on the company you choose, any additional extras you need and the length of your hire period. Croydon is not the cheapest location for van hire with the price of an SWB van being £40 day. The costs increase as the van sizes get bigger and therefore a Luton Van with a tail lift can be expected to be hired for £90 -£100 per day.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Croydon

If the companies above do not meet your needs or budget, don’t worry as there are numerous companies in Croydon who can help with your needs. The best thing to do is to ask small business and market stall holders in your area who they work with and go from there. This will enable you to find the best van hire in Croydon.

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