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Van Hire in Aldershot

Van Hire in Aldershot

Moving things around Aldershot is not a problem thanks to the number of companies who are offering van hire in the area.  Regardless of the size of the item or the amount of time you think it is going to take you will be have help every step of the way.  It may not be ideal to have someone else moving your belongings so you can hire a van for a set period of time and transport your items yourself.  If on the other hand you feel better leaving the driving to an expert some companies will allow you to hire a driver as well.

Van Hire in Aldershot Companies

  • FVTH are able to provide the size vehicle you want. They will also provide a follow on service that is second to none. They believe that within their firm ‘family values are traditionally held’. As well as being able to arrange a convenient time to collect the van you hire it is possible to arrange for the van to be dropped off at London Heathrow airport. This means that you can hire a van to get you to the airport and not have to worry about someone being available to take you back home.
  • Northgate vehicle hire in Aldershot make it very easy to hire a van. Once one the site choose your location – here it will be Aldershot – you can select the van you want to hire and then put in your name and address. Payment is made over a secure system and then all you need to do is pick up the vehicle. There is a phone number if you would rather get some help doing this.

Van Hire in Aldershot Costs

When you hire vans from Northgate the prices will start from £35 per day. To get further prices you need to contact them. If you want a smaller van from FVTH it will cost you £38.40 a day or £172.18 a week. Clearly if you are looking for a bigger vehicle you will need to pay more and a Luton body van (with tail lift) for hire will be £81 per day or £347.26 if you need it all week. The top of the range vehicles such as a 7.5 ton GVW Box Van with tail lift will clearly cost more to hire and will be approximately £120 per day or £573.91 if you are going for the weekly rate.

Finding a Van Hire in Aldershot Company

Businesses who hire vans on a regular basis will be pleased that if they want van hire in Aldershot that there is plenty of choice. There is no need to wade through lists of firms as when hiring a van it will be just the same as using your own and you should have an idea of what you want right away. Researching what you want beforehand will save time and you will see adverts for van hire in Aldershot in many places. If you are a business user, why not ask associates who they use and take any tips they give you?

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