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Van Hire in Hampshire

Van Hire in Hampshire

If you have large items to move and don't have room in your car, if you need to move some rubbish to the council tip or are moving all of your furniture to another house, you may well need the use of a company that offers van hire in Hampshire.  Deciding to hire a van instead of trying to move things in your car is a wise decision.  If removing unwanted rubbish, garden waste or oily, heavy engines, you are saving your car from getting dirty and in case of large furniture removals, you would have problems fitting them in your car anyway.  Also when you hire a van for a furniture removal, you often have the possibility of hiring other accessories to go with it such as packing cases, blankets for padding furniture and strapping to secure your load.  The experts at van hire in Hampshire companies will advise you on how to use them.

Van Hire in Hampshire Companies

There are many companies to choose from, all offering an impressive range of vans at a wide range of prices. Here are a couple just to give you some idea of what is available and what sort of service they provide.
  • Hampshire Van Hire - This company has been around Berkshire and Hampshire for many years. They offer short and long term hire of vehicles and have a large range of sizes to choose from, their fleet of vans is updated regularly with the latest models.
  • Callvanhire - They have branches in Bournemouth, Ringwood, Dorset and Hampshire. They claim that their vehicles are always clean and well maintained. All have heated front windscreens for safer driving in the winter. As a company they are very safety conscious. They can show you customer testimonials and they also offer packing materials for removals.

Van Hire in Hampshire Costs

Prices of van hire in Hampshire vary not only from company to company (and often, within a company, from branch to branch) but depending on the size of van that you need and how long you need it for. As a rough example, Hampshire Van Hire advertise a small van hire from £29.95 per day, a 35 cwt. tail lifted van from £54 and a large 7.5 tonne drop side van for £72 a day. It wasn´t possible to get a price from Callvanhire but they do claim to be the cheapest for van rental rates in Hampshire.

Finding a Van Hire in Hampshire Company

These examples given above are just a couple of many. The best way to find out about the other companies is to ask around. People hire vans all the time and you are bound to know someone who has hired one in the not too distant past. If someone can recommend a company to you, it really does carry a lot of weight as they wouldn't be recommending them if they weren't any good, would they?

When you consider what you will save yourself in stress over moving things in your car and time spent cleaning it out afterwards, or the cost of hiring a removal company, it is well worth it to consider van hire in Hampshire.

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