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Van Hire in Hounslow

Van Hire in Hounslow

Whenever you are looking for a change of scenery you might consider moving to another town.  People who choose this option often live in a busy metropolitan area and wish to relocate to somewhere more quiet and relaxing.  However, before the peacefulness of a new town comes the stress of having to transport everything you own from one city to another.  People that move to Hounslow go through this situation.  However, most of them would prefer to rent a van and pack their stuff and just transport it themselves over the long distance needed to get away from their past lives.  That is why businesses like van rental companies are thriving and growing.  As a result, anyone that needs van hire in Hounslow has plenty of services to choose from.

Van Hire in Hounslow Companies

Hounslow Van Hire is a small but serious company that operates in the area and provides quality services for those that require them. They offer convenient rates on all of their automobiles with some significant discounts for their previous customers or for those that rent a van for a week or more.

Another option would be the Cole Hire rental company that has a comprehensive range of vehicles from cars, vans and minibuses. They pride themselves on offering great customer services and low rates for all of their clients.

Van Hire in Hounslow Costs

Hounslow Van Hire offers some of the most significant discounts for customers that rent their vans for a week or more. A small van goes for £50 for a day, but only £200 for the entire week and £360 for two weeks. The medium sized vans like the Ford Transit SWB or the Ford Transit LWB go for a daily rental price of £55 and £70, respectively, while the same cars can be rented for £240 and £300 for the entire week. A bigger Luton van with tail lift is £90 for the day and £400 for the whole week. Their biggest model, the 7.5 ton van is £130 for the day but just £500 for seven days.

Cole Hire Self Drive offers similar discounts for longer rental periods. The smaller Ford Transit SWB and MWB models can be rented for £63 and £68 for a day, respectively and for £285 and £300 for the entire week. If you need something bigger like a Ford Transit LWB you can get it for £73 for the day and £330 for the whole week. Their biggest model available is the Ford Transit 350 Luton which can be rented for £90 for the day and £450 for the whole week.

Finding a Van Hire in Hounslow Company

As you can see if you are in need of van hire in Hounslow you have the option to pick the company that you like from a host of possibilities. In order to select the best services and the best cars you should talk to a friend or a family member that has rented a van before. This way you will get advice on how to make the most out of van hire in Hounslow.

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