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Van Hire in Kettering

Van Hire in Kettering

Vans for hire have become a big business in most parts of the UK and Europe.  Kettering is no different.  The days when only 2 or 3 reputed car rentals existed have gone.  Where the monopoly that existed in a lot of places has gone along with it, the problem of unprofessional money mongering car and van rentals has cropped up due to the demand of lower prices from the public.  Kettering has its own van and car rental services now, so why depend on vans coming from Leicester or Birmingham?

Van Hire in Kettering Companies

  • You will find all the usual larger companies like Budget, Avis, Thrift or Arrow Self Drive offering to provide vans and cars on hire for your particular area online. But what is it worth? How much extra time are you going to have to wait for your service to reach you? These are questions that lead you towards your local supplier.
  • Sprint Hire is one such service which is located on Queens Street and they also have another depot of vehicles nearby in Wellingborough. Sprint Hire has long since claimed that their low rates have never had any effect on their quality of service. They also have a wide range of vans to choose from.
  • Longmarsh is another company offering van hire in Kettering and is also located close by in Wellingborough. Their range of service extends to Northampton and Silverstone, as well as Leighton Buzzard and Kettering. It is a fairly large privately owned van and car rental service and they claim to be able to meet all types of demands due to their large stock of different category vans and other cars.

Van Hire in Kettering Costs

Though the rates may slightly differ from one company to the other, these are some of the rates that you should expect when opting for a van hire in Kettering: -
  • Vauxhall Combo Van- £38.00 per day, £150.00 per week
  • Ford Transit SWB- £49.00 per day, £215.00 per week
  • Iveco Daily SWB- £49.00 per day, £215.00 per week
  • Ford Transit MWB, £58.00 per day, £225.00 per week
  • Ford Transit LWB, £63.00 per day, £265.00 per week
  • IVECO Daily LWB High Top, £63.00 per day, £265.00 per week
Please be aware that you may also be charged for any additional extras with some companies, such as radio, satellite navigation, extra drivers, insurance and roadside cover and drivers under the age of 25.

Finding a Van Hire in Kettering Company

Depending on your needs, the van hire in Kettering companies listed above may or may not be suitable for you. Instead of wasting time searching for companies online and reading testimonials that were more often than not written by the company themselves, why not ask some small business owners in your area which company they use to transport their goods. Most will be more than happy to share information with you, helping you to find the best van hire in Kettering company for your needs.

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