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Van Hire in Fife

Van Hire in Fife

Fife is a large, beautiful region with something for everyone.  More and more people want to move here to improve their quality of life.  But, like anyone who has moved at least once in their life can tell you, relocating to another city is one big headache.  This is due mostly to the fact that transporting everything from your house to another place takes a lot of time and needs a lot of money.  If you want to keep all your stuff from the bedroom furniture to the living room sofa to the kitchen fridge you have to hire a moving company.  However, some people do not trust the moving companies to carefully transport and bring everything to the new location in one piece.  That is why they rent a van and carry everything to their new home by themselves.  Those that plan to do this are in luck as van hire in Fife is a prosperous and growing business.

Van Hire in Fife Companies

There are plenty of car rental companies that can provide all types of models for your transporting needs. In such a large area as Fife you are sure to find all of the big companies with at least one service station where they can take you on as a customer. Sixt, Hertz, Van Hire 3000 and Europcar all have a presence in Fife and are regarded worldwide as trusted and effective businesses.

However, for those that prefer to reach out to the local companies there is no shortage of those as well. NVS Hire Drive is a car rental company based in Fife that offers a wide selection of vans at affordable rates. The same goes for A2B Van Hire as well as Aspire Van Hire.

Van Hire in Fife Costs

With so many companies to choose from it is easy to get a good deal on a van rental. NVS Hire Drive rents out all kind of van models at convenient prices. The smaller models go for £50 for a full day, the medium and large Ford Transits are rented out for £60-£65 per day and the bigger Tippers and Lutons go for £70 and £90 per day, respectively.

Aspire Van Hire has similar prices for their vans: £45 for the daily rental of a medium sized Renault Trafic SWB or £220 for the full week, £55 for the bigger Renault Master MWB or £250 for the entire week and £60 for their biggest van, the Renault Master LWB or £265 if you need it for the entire week.

Finding a Van Hire in Fife Company

There is a wide selection to choose from that will please anyone looking for van hire in Fife. The key is to be able to spot the minor differences that will ensure that you get the best possible deal. Ask for help from a trusted source like a friend or a family member to help you make the best decision possible. This way you will be totally satisfied when you are looking for van hire in Fife.

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