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Van Hire in Dundee

Van Hire in Dundee

Dundee is one of the biggest cities in Scotland and it is home to some of the country’s most important industries.  However, in recent years, thanks to its two universities, the city has emerged as a first class hangout for students.  This means that the city has experienced an increase in the young population that has decided to move here.  Wherever a lot of people are moving to the rental services are sure to prosper.  As a result there now are plenty of services to choose from for those looking for van hire in Dundee.

Van Hire in Dundee Companies

  • Sixt is a highly regarded car rental company that operates throughout the UK so obviously it will have a large presence in Dundee. They are known for having daily specials that can change at any time so checking with them from time to time is a good idea to see what they have on offer.
  • Europcar is a great service for those looking for a van hire in Dundee. They have a lot of services available as well as special discounts for repeat customers. They can customise an order for a customer with everything from adding extra equipment to the car to providing free delivery to renting out extra drivers for longer trips.
  • Van Hire 3000 is another good company that is part of a bigger international car hire broker named Travel Jigsaw. It has the biggest presence for anyone looking for van hire in Dundee as it has three different shops spread out through the city.

Van Hire in Dundee Costs

Sixt has great prices when it comes to acquiring vans for longer periods of time. This includes getting a Ford Transit LWB at just £37 per day for periods over 28 days. However, its most popular service in a city filled with college kids is the student package which offers a Volkswagen Caddy Van at only £25 per day. This is by far the most convenient service used by people who need a van hire in Dundee to move a piece of furniture or something heavy like a fridge.

Other companies like Europcar stand out with all the extra services they provide. You can get a TomTom satellite navigation with any van for just £10 extra per day or even hire an extra driver for £7 per day. Some offers will even provide you with another driver for free when you are renting a van.

Finding a Van Hire in Dundee Company

As you can see, if you need a van hire in Dundee you have a good selection of companies and different services. Since it is one of the biggest cities in Scotland there is a good demand for car rentals and enough firms to supply it. If you want to make sure that you make the right choice when you rent a van try to check it with your friends and family to see who might have used this service in the past and how it worked out for them. Bottom line is that if you need a van hire in Dundee you will be well looked after.

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