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Van Hire in Bath

Van Hire in Bath

If you want to transport goods around Bath there are plenty of options. You can hire a van that will let you fit all your belongings in it or a much smaller one that will just be able to hold a smaller amount of items and will clearly cost a lot less to hire. It will not just be people without a van who hire them but also companies who do own their own vans. This can be on a short term basis if you have a job that will just need the van for a few weeks or even if you just need it for a day or two because your own has broken down. Why do things like this always happen when you are in the middle of a really big job?

Van Hire in Bath Companies

  • As a large company with branches all over the United Kingdom, Yollohire are one of the firms to look at if you are looking for van hire in Bath. They feel that their reputation has been built on a mixture of competitive prices, a wide range of vehicles available for hire and the great service that they provide for their customers.
  • TJ Selfdrive has been in business since 1990 and are able to help people in Bath fulfil their removal needs. After working in the industry for over 20 years they have a good knowledge of the needs of customers and also how important people find the things they have to be moved around. It is not just a matter of getting things from A to B but making sure that they get there is one piece.
  • Van Hire 3000 are a national company who also offer van hire services in the Bath area. With daily rentals starting as low as £29 a day you will struggle to find a cheaper company in the area. With a wide range of vans available and flexible rental options, this national company really is one to beat.

Van Hire in Bath Costs

If you are looking for a cheap deal for van hire in Bath you could do a lot worse than look at the Car Club Hire prices. They hire a VW Transporter van for just £8.20 an hour which becomes £72.00 for 34 hours or just £3 an hour. For small jobs this is ideal. HG Hire are able to offer a combo van hire for £80 a day and an extra-long wheel base panel van from £150 a day. To get a great rate you can call TJ Selfdrive and Yellohire for their rates.

Finding a Van Hire in Bath Company

Now that you know what is out there you can start to look for the company for you. As customers range from someone who just wants a van to get a bed across Bath to someone who runs a regular delivery service themselves you are bound to find someone who has used a local company so make the most of their knowledge. Experience is everything and there will be family and friends who can help you.

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