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Van Hire in Coventry

Van Hire in Coventry

There are many reasons you might opt for hiring a van or a minibus and the reasons can be varied; for example vans can be needed while moving house, while taking a trip with a lot of family members or while coming from or going to the airport with a lot of luggage.  For all these reasons it is best to just hire a van, because a van is large for accommodating a lot of people as well as luggage.

Van hire is also a good idea because many of the good companies offer free delivery of the vehicle to the airport, railway station or the doorstep of the house. So why not just hire a van for a day or two or even for half day; with good searching capabilities one can certainly strike a good deal with hiring companies that offer van hire in Coventry.

Van Hire in Coventry Companies

Mercia Van Hire is a proud company for van hire in Coventry. They boast about their fleet of new vans along with the competitive rates that they have to offer. They pride themselves on having the best deal for the value with a good service to go with it. The vehicles that they offer are regularly serviced and are equipped with power steering. You can always be sure of receiving a thoroughly cleaned vehicle and if required, pick and drop services are also available.

Companies of van hire in Coventry have a lot of prospects because it is one of the largest cities in England with a lot of spots to be explored. One such rental business which has been doing well for a long time in Coventry is Thrifty Car Rental. They have been in this business for quite some time. Besides a lot of cars, they have a hefty fleet of vans to offer for hire as well. One can always strike a good deal with a reputable company like Thrifty Car Rental.

Van Hire in Coventry Costs

One can get surprisingly low rates for van hire in Coventry; but for that a bit of research and exploration is needed. A short wheel base van in Coventry can be hired for £45 onwards, whereas a medium wheel base and a large wheel base can be hired for £50 and £60 respectively. Luton vans are also available with a lot of companies. These come with and without tail lift and the rates for a one day hire start at approximately £70.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Coventry

Though some really good companies are mentioned in this article for reference and guidance, their deals might not appeal to everyone, which is why it is a good idea to consult someone who has a bit of experience in hiring cars or vans for different periods of time. The word of mouth travels fast and can be trusted to a great extent. Friends and neighbours can therefore possibly help to recommend someone worthy who offers van hire in Coventry.

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