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Van Hire in Barnet

Van Hire in Barnet

If you are looking to hire a van in Barnet you are going to have a good choice of companies to consider.  It will not matter what size van you want or what you are planning to move around – as long as it is legal there will be someone out there to help you.  It may be a difficult job to get around London so even before you start you may want to consider hiring a driver rather than arranging that yourself.

Van Hire in Barnet Companies

  • Barnes Van Hire is one company located in the Barnet area. They offer competitive prices on van rental throughout the London area and a wide selection of vans to choose from. With top class customer service and all hires including full insurance, it is no surprise that Barnes van hire is one of the most popular van hire in Barnet companies.
  • Barnet Van Hire is another local company for van hire in Barnet. They are located close to the High Barnet underground station and provide everything from small vans to 7.5 ton trucks. They promise that all of their prices are low and there are no hidden costs – perfect for people who are new to the van hire business.
  • Glen Van Hire – located in north London, Glen van hire offer their services throughout the north London area. Established since 1982, they have some of the lowest van hire prices in the London area with special lease rates starting at just £16 per day. With unlimited mileage, insurance and VAT all included in their prices, this is one of the top companies in the Barnet area.

Van Hire in Barnet Costs

Prices will clearly vary and will depend on the amount of time you want to keep the van and also how big a van you want. Barnes Van Hire offer vehicles at the following rates:
  • Van Group V1 – Belingo etc. The price here will range from £42 per day and go up to £195 for the week. If it is just a quick drop off however you can get 4 hours for £30
  • Van Group V2 – Ford Transit - £54 per day and £235 per week. A quick job will set you back £39 as this is the cost for 4 hours.
  • Van Group V5 T – 7.5 tonne payload with tail lift - £115 per day and £485 for the week. £89 is the charge for a 4 hour long hire.
There are other groups in between V2 and V5 T but this at least gives you an idea of the sort of money you could be expected to pay and also be a bench mark if you are considering other companies.

Finding a Van Hire in Barnet Company

Once you have chosen the company you are going to use for van hire in Barnet it will be best to check out their particular terms and conditions and see if others have used them. Van hire in Barnet is easy as there are plenty of firms and you are bound to know someone who has used a company before.

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