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Van Hire in Basildon

Van Hire in Basildon

If you live in Basildon and find that you need to hire a van the good news is that there are plenty of companies around to service your needs.  Whatever you need to do and however long you think it is likely to take you should find just what you need.  From a big job like moving house to just collecting a new bed there will be something out there for you.  Businesses will also find somewhere to help them if they run into difficulties with their own transport fleet as van hire in Basildon is easy to find.

It is good to know there are so many options as travel can be so much more expensive than it used to be. When you are looking for van hire in Basildon you can be sure that you will be given a fair deal and plenty of choice. Shop around and look for any offers and you could make quite a saving as long as you are sure that the price does not have any hidden extras.

Van Hire in Basildon Companies

  • Basildon Practical Car & Van Rental U.K is named as the official van rental company in Basildon. There is no bar on people hiring from them so it is as likely that there will be Basildon residents looking for a van for the day as there will be a holiday maker planning to travel around the UK. As with many things the longer the hire period the more likely you are going to get a really good deal.
  • Allied Self Drive is another van hire in Basildon company that has grown in popularity in recent years. With a wide range of vehicles available they are sure to have something to suit your needs. With international hire available, and a website testimonial from the one and only “Stig”, this is one fantastic company to opt for, for your van hire needs.

Van Hire in Basildon Costs

Van Hire Basildon has some well-priced vehicles and the price to hire them per day will be affordable for most people. A Vauxhall Combo works out at £30.22 per day while the Vauxhall Vivaro is £37.77 per day. A slightly bigger model is the VW LT 35 and this will be charged at a rate of £47.01 per day. If you need the vehicles for longer a price will be worked out and it is bound to be a good deal for you.

Finding a Van Hire in Basildon Company

It is more than likely that your first port of call will be the internet but you may find that either all companies give the same sort of service for the same sort of price. As this will be no help ask around. You must know someone who has hired a van or you could look around the high street one day. Does one company have more vans on the road than others? If so you could try them – why would others use them if they were not good companies for van hire in Basildon?

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