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Van Hire in Lowestoft

Van Hire in Lowestoft

Your new production at the Marina Theatre opens on Friday night and the nerves are kicking in.  Actors and actresses are naturally being dramatic and the last thing you need to worry about is getting those stage props and scenery from the construction company to the theatre and the best way to do that is to hire yourself a van and move them yourself.  They’ve been built to your perfect specifications and the last thing you need is for a careless mover to damage them.  Thankfully, van hire in Lowestoft is a simple process –all that you need to do is make sure the van you hire is big enough for your props and scenery.  Let’s dive into the waters of van hire and see what we find.

Van Hire in Lowestoft Companies

LEC Hire Van Rental is a company offering van hire in Lowestoft. They are conveniently situated right in the city centre and offer both cars and vans for hire. Vans are supplied with a full tank of fuel and are fully valeted between each hire, so you can be confident you’ll get a nice clean van when you hire from LEC Hire Van Rental.

Lowestoft Car Hire is a second company offering van hire in the Lowestoft area. They pride themselves on honest pricing and great service. They say that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay – all rentals come with an unlimited mileage option and they have a fleet of every sized van you might need.

Van Hire in Lowestoft Costs

In Lowestoft, van hire is a fairly costly exercise, but with the right amount of quote searching you can bring your price down quite considerably. If you only need to move short distances, the cheaper rates usually give you limited mileage, but come at a cheaper rate. For a Citroen Berlingo or Ford Transit Connect, you’ll pay between £20 and £30 a day with included limited mileage. For the large wheel based Mercedes Sprinter, you can pay up to £60 a day. If you need the space, the Luton box sized vans can be hired for £80 a day. Weekly hire rates usually come with about a 25% discount on the daily rate.

Finding a Van Hire in Lowestoft Company

If your family is anything like the norm, you have that family member that is forever the nomad and never stays in on place for too long. Often they will have used van hire companies and moved themselves because removals companies tend to charge high fees and in these economic times, we’re always looking to save a few pounds wherever we can. The more you move yourself the more you learn about van hire and all the tips and tricks of the trade. Asking that nomadic uncle or even the rest of your family and friends for advice on the different vans and van hire companies might offer you some solid recommendations on which the best companies for van hire in Lowestoft are.

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