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Van Hire in Kidderminster

Van Hire in Kidderminster

Vans for hire have become a big business in most parts of the UK and Europe.  Kidderminster is no different.  The days when just two or three reputed car rentals existed have gone.  Where the monopoly that existed in a lot of places has gone along with it, the problem of unprofessional money mongering car and van rentals has cropped up due to the demand of lower prices from the public.  Kidderminster has its own van and car rental services, so why depend on vans coming from further afield?  There are lots of local companies available to you, which have cheaper prices and a more personalised service.  No matter what your needs, you are sure to find a van hire in Kidderminster company to help.

Van Hire in Kidderminster Companies

  • Foley Hire Ltd, one of the van hire companies which is located in the Hoo Farm Industrial Estate area offer the newest vehicle fleet, with the best prices, as well as a flexible hire plan.
  • Northgate one of the leaders in car and van rental business also have a vehicle depot on Stourport Road. Northgate includes the previously known Cartrux Vehicle Hire, which was re-branded as Northgate Vehicle Hire in 2010. It is a large service and caters to all types of hiring needs.
  • Co-located with Northgate is Rapid Rentals which is a local van hire company which claims to have lower rates than most other companies in the area. It’s choices of vans are limited, but they more than make up for this with customer service.
  • CFL Ltd and Kidderminster Car Hire which are located on Lisle Avenue have a sizeable variety of vans and cars to choose from. As they are located in the heart of Kidderminster they are very easy to find.

Van Hire in Kidderminster Costs

Van hire rates in Kidderminster vary depending on the company that you choose, the length of your rental and any additional extras that you might need. Kidderminster is pretty average, price-wise when compared to the rest of the country. You can expect to pay £33 per day for a small van like a Volkswagen Caddy or around £200 for a weekly rental. Short wheel and long wheel bases cost around £40 and £50 respectively. Larger vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter can be hired for approximately £65 per day and £400 for the week, depending on the company you choose.

Finding a Van Hire in Kidderminster Company

The trick to van hire in Kidderminster or any other place in the UK is to go for the longer duration package which suits your duration of hire need. The shorter the time period, the costlier the rate becomes. For example an hourly rate is more expensive if you utilize the vehicle for 24 hours, so go for the daily package and so on. If you contact some friends in Kidderminster and ask them about the particular companies mentioned above they are sure to give you practical advice on van hire in Kidderminster along with their experience if they have one from hiring.

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