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Van Hire in Ilford

Van Hire in Ilford

Have you ever thought of shifting recently, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of calling movers and have everything done their way and as per their schedule?  Has the thought of preparing a what-to-do list come up in your mind because you just got that raise and now it’s time to shift to better living quarters?  Well as busy and committed that your life already is, going through with the task of shifting is not an easy job.  Plus, when you believe you can save a large sum of money and use it wisely elsewhere, there is no need to throw huge amounts of money away paying the movers to do something, which you might even do better than them and with more care.  That is where van hire comes in.  Just as easy and practical as rent-a-car service, there are a lot of companies that are ready to provide you services of van hire in Ilford.

Van Hire in Ilford Companies

Prominent van hire companies which are present right inside Ilford include the Sixt van hire service located on High Road. The calling card of Sixt is that they provide services round the week including Sundays. The timings have been relaxed a bit catering to the holiday mood, nonetheless the service is there seven days a week.

CTM van hire in Ilford is yet another service whose office is located on 192, New Road, Rainham. They operate on a 7 day basis as well and in addition they also have a breakdown service, self-drive option so you don’t need to pay extra for the driver. Plus if you are a firm and are looking for contract hiring, they can also offer this with special rates.

Van Hire in Ilford Costs

Ilford has exceptionally good rates when it comes to prepaid service where you make the complete payment in advance, in which case there is a good chance you can save up to £10 per day. The VW Crafter per day (24 hrs) might cost you around £96.98 to £109.99. Contrastingly, the smaller VW Caddy van may end up just costing you from £67.98 to £77.99 a day. It is however, important to mention that if you think you need to hire a van for longer you may prefer the weekly deal over the per day arrangement as this way you are likely to save up to 50% of the costs. Weekly rates for van hire in Ilford will usually cost somewhere between £29.56 and £43 per day.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Ilford

Finding a van hire in Ilford company should not be a problem at all as it is a main city hustling and bustling with people who require services the whole year round. The fact that London is right at its heels, also increases the amount of choice. However, a word of advice here is that the best way of selecting the suitable service is not by surfing the net but rather by asking a friend who has been using the service of van hire in Ilford.

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