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Van Hire in Swansea

Van Hire in Swansea

Swansea is a beautiful area of Wales, with traces of habitation found dating back to 22,000 BC!  One of its great treasures is the remains of a Roman villa.  Roman villas were decorated with beautiful marble statues, bronze and stone vases and many, many other very heavy objects.  It is no surprise that the Romans were responsible for the development of roads, considering they conquered most of Europe and had to move all these beautiful artefacts with them.  So, thanks to the Romans, we now still have the opportunity to move objects across roads and what better way to move your own marble statues, bronze and stone vases, or the kitchen sink for that matter, than by hiring a van?

Van Hire in Swansea Company

  • Hiring a van in Swansea is as easy as one, two, three. Days Rental for example, offer day, short term and long term van hire and offer an unbeatable variety of vehicles at low prices. And you can also hire a TomTom SatNav from them, to make sure you don’t get lost!
  • Brisco’s car hire and commercial rental company is a popular company in the area with a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. If you need to hire a van for travel abroad, this is the company to choose.
  • Practical Car and Van Hire claim to be the official car and van rental provider for the Swansea area. Their commercial fleet ranges from small courier style vans through to Luton vans with or without tail lift. Furthermore, they specialise in one way self-drive, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the van back.

Van Hire in Swansea Costs

A compact van with Days Rental will cost you around £45 for a day. For a 3.5ton box tail lift van, you can expect to pay around £93.60 for a day’s hire. Brisco’s car hire will request a small deposit, but this will be refunded as soon as the vehicle is returned to them in excellent condition. Their smallest vans start at just £33 per day, and their largest 7.5 tonne vans will cost £90 per day. With Practical, rates start at just £33 per day. Their rates become better value for money the longer you rent the specific vehicle, meaning that if you were to hire a van for more than 28 days, you would only pay £19 per day. Now that’s good value!

Finding a Van Hire in Swansea Company

So, whatever the reason you may need to hire a van in Swansea, it won’t take you long to find one. Why not contact some of the companies listen here to find yourself the best van? You could also take some time to speak to people who have hired a van in the past. Maybe some new people have just moved into your street, or maybe there are some local businesses in your area that regularly use van hire. They could give you some great advice on the best place to go to suit your needs.

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