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Van Hire in Shrewsbury

Van Hire in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is in a glorious location in the beautiful county of Shropshire.  Untouched by much of the industrial revolution and the Second World War, it is known for being one of England’s most popular heritage towns and is visited by thousands of tourists every year..  The town’s most famous scientist, Charles Darwin would still recognise the area due to the historical, antique feel it still has.  With so many antique objects, listed buildings and other objects of beauty about, it is not surprising that you would want to take extra care in moving certain things.  You could ‘leave it to the professionals’, and expensive option, or you could move your own valuables, knowing that they are safe in your own hands, by hiring a van.  Finding a van to hire in Shrewsbury isn’t difficult, luckily.

Van Hire in Shrewsbury

  • Pritchards of Shrewsbury, for example, was established in 1983. Their van hire fleet includes vehicles ranging from the Vauxhall Combovan to a Ford Transit or Transit Luton with tail lift. They also offer a free pick-up and return service from Shrewsbury bus/train stations and hotels.
  • Jolly Good Van Hire is one of the most popular van hire companies in Shrewsbury. They pride themselves on their modern fleet with every vehicle being no older than 18 months. With fantastic customer service and affordable prices, this company was voted as one of the best local businesses in the UK in 2011. No matter what your van hire needs are, Jolly Good Van Hire is one company who can surely help.
  • Furrows are renowned for their dedication to their customers and their commitment to always improve the services they deliver. Their name is a byword for high quality customer service and the company works hard to make sure that all their customers have the best experience every time they use Furrows.

Van Hire in Shrewsbury Costs

Pritchards of Shrewsbury’s prices are inclusive of VAT, insurance, unlimited mileage and breakdown cover. Their cheapest van starts at just £45 per day and prices become better value for money if hired over longer periods of time. Jolly Good Van Hire is committed to providing the best rates for their customers, with special rates available for longer-term rental agreements. Furrows prices range from £47 to £85 per day and special rates apply for longer hire periods or weekends.

Finding a Van Hire in Shrewsbury Company

So, if you are looking to hire a van in Shrewsbury, you have plenty of options to choose from. Why not contact some of the companies listed above? Or talk to some of your neighbours and colleagues, maybe someone has used a van hire company in Shrewsbury before and can give you a great review. Don’t forget that local businesses will also often use a van hire, so why not speak to them? They will know which companies are really good and which ones to stay away from, giving you some food for thought as to which van hire in Shrewsbury company to choose.

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