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Van Hire in Tonbridge

Van Hire in Tonbridge

Imagine being one of the builders tasked with transporting stone and mortar to the site of the Tonbridge Castle during the 11th century.  It would take a long time - you’d have to use wooden carts, moved by human or animal power.  These days, moving heavy items around is much easier – all you need is a good, solid van.  If you’re planning on moving or transporting something, you’re going to need to hire a van and in the Tonbridge area, there are a few options in which company you can use to hire one.

Van Hire in Tonbridge Companies

  • U4 Vehicle Hire is an independent, family run vehicle hire firm in Tonbridge who pride themselves on friendly service and high quality. All their vans are regularly serviced and well maintained to give you the best experience. Their van range starts with small vans like the Ford Transit Connect and turns up to large Luton box vans. They boast 40 years of experience and offer a number of extras for hire like satellite navigation systems and sack barrows.
  • Tonbridge Van Hire has been servicing the local community for van hire in Tonbridge and they believe they are the experts in the rental and hire of cars and vans in the area. They offer many great incentives, like full insurance and a collision liability waiver built into the price of the rental. They hire all sizes of van, from the small panel van to the large Luton box van.
  • Van Hire in Tonbridge is another option for van hire. They offer what they call a revitalising new approach to Tonbridge van hire, and they promise that the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay with no hidden extras. They offer vans throughout the area and have affiliates through the rest of Great Britain. They offer clients an easy to use online booking interface to speed up the process of hiring a van.

Van Hire in Tonbridge Costs

Van hire in Tonbridge varies greatly in cost, but the most reasonable van we found on offer is the Vauxhall Combo for £31 a day or you can take if for a week for £160. If you need more space, you can get yourself a Volkswagen LT35 for £45 a day or a week for £280. For a Luton box van you’ll pay a bit more, at an average of £70 a day and £390 a week. There are a wide range of vans on offer for a wide range of pricing options around town.

Finding a Van Hire in Tonbridge Company

Ask around amongst friends and family – word of mouth is very reliable for information about which companies to use. Especially if some of them run businesses they may have had a lot of experience with hiring a van and might be a great resource for advice on which companies they would recommend for great service or any companies they would recommend you steer clear of for van hire in Tonbridge.

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