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Van Hire in Leeds

Van Hire in Leeds

If you live in Leeds, chances are you’ve seen the huge development happening in the city and are considering a quiet life outside the hustle and bustle of the city centre.  Once you’ve made the decision to move out of the city and into the country around the outskirts of Leeds, you’re going to start exploring ways of moving your possessions and furniture to your new country home.  We’re sure once you’ve got pricing on the use of a removal company, you’re going to be wishing there was a cheaper way – and there is!  Van hire in Leeds leaves you with many options on which van to hire and which company to use to suit your needs.  Let’s have a look at what the City of Leeds has to offer when it comes to van hire.

Van Hire in Leeds Companies

Salford Van Hire operates out of Manchester and Leeds and has a large fleet of commercial vans for your rental. They are open seven days a week for ad hoc van hire but will also hire vans for contract leases and even manage your company’s entire vehicle fleet. To hire a van from Salford Van Hire you need to be at least 25 years old, but they say they can create a custom made solution to your needs for van hire in Leeds.

Another company you can look at is Arrow Self Drive, which offers the full range of hire services in the Leeds area for vans of all sizes, from the small to the large. They specialise in Ford Transit vans, and promise all their vans are serviced and maintained regularly.

Van Hire in Leeds Costs

Van hire in Leeds is a very economical way to save some money on your next move. First you need to decide on the size van that you need because vans come in so many different sizes with vastly different load capacities. Most van hire companies will offer weekly rentals at a big discount off the daily hire. For a small van like the Peugeot Partner, expect to pay around £32 a day and £140 if you need the van for a full week. For the larger Ford Transit LWB, you will be paying £45 a day or for the weekly hire you’ll pay an average of £265. For the serious hauler, you can pick up a Luton box van with a tail lift for just under £70 a day and £420 for the week.

Finding a Van Hire in Leeds Company

Before making the crucial decisions when you decide to hire a van – like which company to use and which van to hire, first chat to your friends and family and get their opinions on the vans on offer like whether the Peugeot Partner is better than the Renault Kangoo. More importantly, get an idea of their experiences with the van hire companies in the area and which they have used – this will give you a great idea of which company you should use or, at the very least, give you an idea on which ones to avoid. With that sort of advice, choosing which company to use for van hire in Leeds will be that much easier.

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