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Van Hire in Stockport

Van Hire in Stockport

The Stockport market place was the place where public executions and stocks were held.  It was also the place where the last wife was bought and sold in England!  Nowadays, we don’t find our life partners for sale on markets anymore, but one thing that has remained consistent is that when we find a life partner, we move in together.  And that means her things need to move into your house, or your things need to move into her house, or maybe you both give up your house and get something new.  Regardless of the living arrangements, a whole host of furniture and boxes needs to be moved.  A cheaper option than hiring a removals company for a job like this, or any job for that matter, is to hire a van yourself.  And luckily, there are plenty of van hire companies in Stockport to choose from.

Van Hire in Stockport Companies

  • A6 Car and Van Hire, for example, is the North West’s fastest growing self-drive hire company and strives to maintain the highest quality of service and standards to their many and varied customers. All their vehicles are maintained above and beyond the required guidelines, meaning you can have the peace of mind to be hiring a quality van. They also have a new fleet of Volkswagen vans for hire.
  • Cheshire Vehicle Rentals are another popular company in the area who have supplied vans for hire on both long and short term contracts for many years. Due to their fantastic customer service and their well-maintained vehicles, they have become a market leader in the Stockport area.

Van Hire in Stockport Costs

A6 Car and Van Hire is never knowingly beaten on price and would be very happy to try any beat any like for like quote you may have received. Now that’s good service! They pride themselves on their low rates and offer discounted rates for long term hire. Cheshire Vehicle Rentals’ smaller vans, like the Citroen Berlingo, start from £37.50 per day, with a £200 deposit. Should you wish to hire something a little bit bigger, like the Luton with tail lift, you can expect to pay around £89.90 per day, with a £300 deposit.

Finding a Van Hire in Stockport Company

Finding a van hire company in Stockport is easy enough to do, with its selection of national and local van hire companies. You could contact some of the companies listed in this article and find yourself the best van to suit your need, at the best price of course. Or you could trust the age-old medium of word of mouth advertising and speak to some people who may have used van hire in the past. Try family members, friends and colleagues. Or maybe you have a new neighbour that you could speak to? You could even go to the market and speak to local stall holders and see which company they use to transport their goods. They will be able to give you some great tips on where to go, and where not go as well of course!

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