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Van Hire in Bridgend

Van Hire in Bridgend

When you finally decide that it’s time to move out of Cardiff and leave behind the bustling city life for a quieter more relaxed home in Bridgend, the planning starts.  You find a home, you pack all your belongings carefully into boxes and hire a van to move.  Using a removal company is the way things used to be done.  These days, it’s cheaper, easier and far less worrying to do the moving yourself.  You’ll save a few pounds on the removal company fees and the only thing you have to lose is a few pounds of weight!  But what do you need to take into consideration when you start looking for van hire in Bridgend?  You need to consider which van to hire – vans come in all shapes and sizes and you should always hire one that will fit the biggest piece of furniture you have.  The next thing to consider is which company to trust with your van hire needs.

Van Hire in Bridgend Companies

Burnt Tree Vehicle Hire is a local Bridgend company that handle any size rental task. From single day hire of a van to entire business fleet management they say their goal is not to become the biggest operator in the country, but rather to focus on customer and employee satisfaction. They claim this is the reason that they have been able to grow their fleet to in excess of 9000 vehicles.

Charter Vehicle Hire are one of the longest running rental companies in South Wales and operate 250 daily rental vehicles from their three sites in Bridgend, Pontypridd and Cardiff. They offer quality vans, cars and minibuses of all shapes and sizes all available on rental terms from one day to one year. They allow European travel with their vehicles and specialise in clubs and associations. They try and be the authority on van hire in Bridgend.

Van Hire in Bridgend Costs

As with everywhere else in Wales, van hire is generally more expensive than it is in England. Your basic Volkswagen Combo van will set you back an average of £29 a day. If you need longer, you can get a week’s rental for around £120. Of course for most people that van would be too small and you’d need something bigger. That’s when you need a long wheel base van like the Mercedes Sprinter. For a day, you’ll pay around £55 for the van, and the week you’re looking at around £330. Some companies we looked at offered 7 days hire for the price of 5 days.

Finding a Van Hire in Bridgend Company

As with most products and services, sales consultants and advertising can be misleading. When you are looking for a van hire company, before contacting any companies, chat to your friends and family about what experiences they’ve had in the world of van hire. It’s always worth asking – they might be able to make your decision for you so you’re not left guessing about van hire in Bridgend.

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