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Van Hire in Maidenhead

Van Hire in Maidenhead

Hiring a van can be a tedious process.  If you aren't haggling to get the price down with your service provider you may find yourself paying exorbitant fees just to get services like insurance which often present hidden surcharges.  You will find that a lot of the best companies simply charge too much and you need a more affordable option, especially when you are a consumer as opposed to a business or if your business is still growing.  While the phrase "you get what you pay for" certainly applies in the vehicle hire industry, this doesn't mean that you have to break the bank in order to find a reputable provider who can lend their expertise, experience and cost effective vans on a temporary basis.

All it takes is a bit of ground work and taking the time to find the best quotes. It will also serve you well to take personal advice on the matter instead of simply looking at directories. But fear not! There are many companies in Maidenhead that can help you find the perfect van for moving, dropping or simply taking a trip with a group. And the best news? Many of these companies will have specials when they bring out new vans or charge discounted prices the longer you hire for so there is an opportunity to make the most of your money.

Van Hire in Maidenhead Companies

Thames Van and Truck Hire provide an affordable choice for any newcomers. Their claim to fame? Over thirty years in the business so they have seen every kind of customer and know how to cater for a variety of consumers. They stock everything from heavy duty trucks to small vans. If you love the van you hire, you can even end up buying one from them directly. They are open throughout the week and have a great buy and sell system that ensures they have stock. They will however ask you for a deposit which they keep until the vehicle is returned safely. So be aware of this before deciding to go with them. Bucks Car Hire also provide vans for hire. They have a range of beautiful vans from the Renault Traffic through to the VW Crafter and a good choice in terms of security.

Van Hire in Maidenhead Costs

Thames Van and Truck Hire lease out the long wheel based Citroen for £65 daily. They hire out their vans for a total of 24 hours so they specialise in short term hire. You can also take their short wheel based panel van for £55 or try the (even cheaper) option of the Transit Connect for £46. Bucks starting price on van hire is normally £70.

Finding a Van Hire in Maidenhead Company

Asking people you know is the best thing to do when trying to decide who to do business with. Sure, they may be a little biased but they will normally give you their honest opinion as they want what’s best for you. Finding a van hire company in Maidenhead should be a simple process with a few quotes and your needs clearly defined.

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