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Van Hire in South Wales

Van Hire in South Wales

If you are planning to move your belongings because you are transferring residences or you simply want to move a few things over from your parents’ place to your new pad, using a small car may prove to be inconvenient.  Apart from numerous trips to and fro, you also run the risk of breaking a few things in the process because things can be shaken up when transported haphazardly.  A moving company is not always a good option too because they are costly and some do not take extra care in handling your things.  If you would like to ensure the safety of your belongings and minimise transferring costs, you might as well look for van hire companies.  People living in South Wales are fortunate because there are many van hire companies in South Wales.  Renting a van is convenient because you get to transfer your belongings yourself with a much bigger vehicle that can do the task in one seating.

Van Hire in South Wales Companies

There are quite a few companies for van hire in South Wales. One of the largest van hire chains in the UK has a branch in South Wales, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car. If you prefer new car and van models for rent, the Car Bonanza is a deluxe company for van hire in South Wales.

When choosing a company for van hire in South Wales, bear in mind that you also have to think about the extra charges apart from your rental. Opt to hire a company that moves the van for free when you have finished your rental contract. This way, you no longer have to waste time and money on petrol to bring the van back to the company.

Van Hire in South Wales Costs

The good thing about van hire in South Wales is most offer cars and vans for rent at extremely affordable prices. Prices start at £40 for four hours’ rent for a seven-seater van. If you need a van for several days’ use, you need not worry because rental fees for vehicles with longer time frames are usually cheaper. For instance, a 7-seater rented for a week can cost as low as £250, depending on the rental company. Of course, you have to set aside money for petrol and chauffeur’s fees if you plan to employ a driver, as these are not commonly included in the rental fees of rent-a-car vehicles. You also have to make sure that the car or van you will rent is properly insured to avoid problems in case you meet an accident.

Finding a Van Hire in South Wales Company

Looking for van hire is South Wales? Most furniture companies in South Wales partner with car rental companies to move furniture purchased from them. You can ask for recommendations from these companies. Relatives and friends are also a good source for opinion and recommendations as these people can give you an unbiased feedback about the rates, quality of the car, etc. Looking for van hire in South Wales is easy; you just have to utilise the usual sources for information: newspaper ads, flyers, and local service magazines.

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