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Van Hire in Devon

Van Hire in Devon

Going on vacation can be a great way to ease stress and it’s nice to get away with the family.  However, it can be an extremely nightmarish process trying to ship the whole family off to some fabulous vacation with all of the things “needed” for the weekend.  Similarly, if you want to move or you need to get furniture to another home, a car is simply not going to do the trick.  It’s better to hire a van.  If you only want to use it temporarily, it makes sense to hire.  In Devon there are a number of companies who can help you hire a van easily.  It is probably a much less tedious process than you think and better for everybody than trying to fit into a car.

Van Hire Companies in Devon

  • Badger Van Hire in Devon was established approximately nine years ago and is still doing business regularly with people just like you who need quality, reliable vans. You will find them at the industrial park at Barnstaple’s. This family business has a great reputation.
  • Easy Van also operates in the Devon area and around the United Kingdom making them one of the largest and most recognisable companies in Britain.
  • Chief Rentals are great if you want variety. They have a range of vehicles from small to enormous that can help you with a small move right through to a major mission.
  • Northgate Vehicle hire also provide vans. They are situated in Exetor.
  • Dawnson Rentals operate out of Peamore Truck Centre and deal with heavily loads more than for human cargo.

Van Hire Costs in Devon

Northgate hire out their vans for a starting price of £35 per day. This of course, depends on the type of van you are using. This pricing is normally valid for the individual rates section and business rates differ slightly. If you opt to hire the van for a week as opposed to a day, they have some great discounts including a 35% off offer which will cut down your hiring costs significantly. Business rates are normally calculated specifically depending on the needs of your company.

Avon auto sales will hire out vans at a starting price of £33 a day for the bottom of the range vehicles. However, these should still be more than sufficient for a move.

Finding a Van Hire Company in Devon

So as it turns out, finding a van that is a reasonable price to hire and can take all your goods (or family) from one place to another, isn’t as difficult as you may have thought. There are a few companies that operate in Devon specifically, as well as some franchises so you have a wide variety of companies to choose from and a great deal of vans to make your own for a day. Van hire in Devon is easy if you have the right knowledge, referrals and if you take the time to get a number of quotes for the best price.

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