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Van Hire in Chesterfield

Van Hire in Chesterfield

Most commonly people require vans for hire when they are moving their house or going on a picnic with many friends and family members travelling together.  Hiring a van and moving your things yourself has a big advantage.  Many of the professional movers often leave things behind when they are packing up in a hurry.  Or what about going on a family picnic or a picnic with friends?  It is much more fun when everyone is travelling together.  For all these reasons hiring a van from professional rental companies is the best solution.  If you live in or near Chesterfield, there are many companies who could help you out with van hire in Chesterfield.  All you need to do is to visit a couple of these companies and talk about the best deals they have to offer concerning your needs.

Van Hire in Chesterfield Companies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a company of van hire in Chesterfield which has competitive daily and weekend rates for both business and private purposes. Like other reputable car rentals, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a commendable range of private vehicles as well as vans which may suit your needs better. Besides their normal rates, they also have one-way rentals as well as airport rentals. Because their offices are located at a number of places throughout the UK, you can also ask for a free pick up service.

Practical Car and Van Rental is another famous hiring company that has many offices across the UK. From these many offices, they also have one in Chesterfield. Their location is quite central so from leaving a railway or bus station, you will not have difficulty hiring a vehicle that you need. Other than a whole range of small cars, they have vans of different sizes and even 7, 8, or 9 people seating carriers and minibuses. They have special packages for tourists and travellers. The rates that Practical Car and Van Rental have to offer are otherwise very competitive.

Van Hire in Chesterfield Costs

When choosing a van hire in Chesterfield company, it is important to find a company that suits your needs and can offer you an affordable price. Some of the average costs for one day van hire in Chesterfield are listed below:
  • A small van can be hired for approximately £35.
  • A small wheel base van can be hired for £45.
  • A Large wheel base van can be hired for £55.
  • A Luton van with a tail lift can be hired for £80.

Finding a Van Hire in Chesterfield

If for some reason the companies stated above don’t suit your needs, the next best thing to do is ask friends, colleagues and market stall owners in your area if they have had any experience with van hire in Chesterfield. Listening to recommendations from someone you trust is much more reliable than viewing the testimonials on a company’s website and should be able to help you to find the best van hire in Chesterfield company for your needs.

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