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Van Hire in Scunthorpe

Van Hire in Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe was a centre of iron and steel manufacturing from the early 1900s to the 1970s.  Today, its principal industry is the manufacture of apparel.  This means that some very heavy things need to be moved regularly.  And what better way to move heavy apparel than by using a van?  Or, for that matter, anything else you want to move.  Maybe you are moving house, doing some work on your garden or helping to clear out a house.  There is a range of reasons as to why you would hire a van and do some jobs yourself.  Luckily, there are plenty of places in and around Scunthorpe where you can hire a van.

Van Hire in Scunthorpe Companies

  • Why not take a look at Practical Van & Car Hire? Their range varies from small courier style vans to Luton vans. They also offer both short and long term hire and will give you a specialised quote for longer term hire. One of their benefits is also that they offer a one-way service, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting the van back.
  • Or you could look at TJS self-drive, a member of the BVRLA. They also have an extensive fleet ranging from small vans to Lutons. As the vehicle hire specialist, they were established in Scunthorpe in 1970 and quickly expanded across the region. They have developed a reputation of providing a modern and reliable fleet with personal service, paying close attention to customer needs, whilst maintaining competitive self drive rates.
  • Also available is Northgate Vehicle Hire. This is the foremost local company in Scunthorpe. They offer a wide selection of vehicles, and competitive prices. No job is too big or too small for this van hire company.

Van Hire in Scunthorpe Costs

Practical Van & Car Hire’s daily rates vary from £37 to £62, but you get better value for money if you hire the van for an extended period of three days or more. TJS self-drive’s prices range from £40 to £75 for a day’s hire. Their prices include fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover and VAT. For an extra charge, it is possible to take the vehicle outside of the UK mainland. Northgate’s prices start from as little as £35 per day, they have special rates for weekend hire and up to 35% discount available for weekly hire, which is a fantastic discount!

Finding a Van Hire in Scunthorpe Company

There are many ways to find a van for hire in and around Scunthorpe. You could contact some of the companies listed above, although there will be many more available. But why not be creative? Ask some of your work colleagues, your neighbours, friends and family if they have ever hired a van. Or visit your local community centre and see if there are any advertisements. You would be surprised at the range of people that use van hire for a variety of purposes and it is easy to find the best possible deal for van hire in Scunthorpe by word of mouth.

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