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Van Hire in Guildford

Van Hire in Guildford

If you are in the Guildford area of Surrey and you have a big job in hand that is troubling you regarding the removal of a large amount of material or a heavy piece of equipment, have you considered van hire in Guildford?  It needn´t be too costly and if you require removal of material that is dirty, e.g. rubbish, hazardous material, or garden waste, it is certainly cleaner than using your car as means of transportation.  Of course, for large items of furniture that won´t fit into your car, it is the only option and for full house removals it is cheaper than hiring a removal van.  There are plenty of van hire places around Guildford too.

Van Hire in Guildford Companies

There are plenty of choices, but here are a couple of examples on which to base your research:
  • Rhino van hire are on Cathedral Hill Industrial Estate. They are experienced in car and van hire and have branches in more than a hundred locations across the UK. They realise that not everyone has driven a van before so they actually produce a guide for the inexperienced driver, which is a useful bonus. They offer to guide you through the steps of hiring a van and also assist with your personal requirements.
  • Another option is SixT, this again is a nationwide company who has branches all over the UK. They offer a comprehensive service catering for every age and situation. If you are using them to hire a large van for a full house removal, they also hire out the accessories that you will need such as packing cases, blankets and lashing straps to secure your load.

Van Hire in Guildford Costs

It is always a good idea to get a few quotes first to compare, not only what prices they are offering but also what is included in with the price. Of course, prices vary according to many factors: your age, the size of van that you need, how long you need it for etc. Rhino have compact vans available from £45 a day, transit vans from £55 a day and Luton vans with a tail gate from £95 a day.

SixT have a special offer on for students hiring a small van, they can hire for just £25 a day. Normal prices start from £29 a day for a small van. In their fleet they also have everything up to large vans with tailgates for full house removals and tipper and drop side trucks for industrial hire.

Finding a Van Hire in Guildford Company

These are just two of the many options for van hire in Guildford, as stated previously, it is a good idea to get a few quotes first. An even better idea is to ask around your friends and family, even your neighbours. Many people hire vans and by asking around, you know that if someone has recommended a company to you, they have been satisfied with the service that they have received. In the end, regardless of your purpose for acquiring a van, and whether you’re interested in the above mentioned companies or not, looking into van hire in Guildford is something worth looking into as you will be able to acquire affordable solutions for your van hire needs.

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