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Van Hire in Harrow

Van Hire in Harrow

Do you have to clear a house, move a large item of furniture, clear out the shed, or are you moving?  If so, then you will be needing to hire a van.  It is the best way of moving large quantities of rubbish, large or heavy objects and certainly, can save you money when moving house.  If you live in Harrow, you will find that there are plenty of van hire companies about and the choice of make, model and size of van available can be quite baffling, but fear not because those hire companies know their stuff and they will advise you all the way.  All you need to do is provide details about the items you intend to move and they will know which size of van is best for you.

Van Hire in Harrow Companies

As previously stated, there is a wide choice, but it is always best to get several quotes to compare before you make a decision. Here are just two companies for you to take a look at to see what they are offering.
  • Van Hire Harrow are part of the “National” group which covers the whole of the United Kingdom. They can arrange for one way rentals where you pick up at one place and drop off at another. This is particularly good if you are moving house and are going quite a distance.
  • Rentavan365 are based in High Wycombe but they cover all of the south east and they offer free delivery and tuition to those who have never driven a van before.
Both companies have a wide range of vans available from the small compact type to large box vans with tail lifts that are suitable for house removals.

Van Hire in Harrow Costs

All prices vary, just as they vary from company to company, they also vary according to the age of the driver, size of the van and length of rental period. However as a rough guide, Van Hire Harrow say that the starting price for a Vauxhall Combo van is £30.22 per day and for a VW LT35 from £47.01 per day. Of course there will be 20% VAT on top of this. Rentavan365 give a rough estimate of £40 per day for a small van and £60 per day for a Ford Transit long based van. However, this company does have a price match promise so if you find a van of the same size that is offered cheaper they will match the price, which is worth considering.

Finding a Van Hire in Harrow Company

Have you ever seen your next door neighbour hiring a van? Do you know someone that has been bragging about finding the best van hire provider? If so, do ask questions about it as you’ll have greater chances of finding a van hire company in Harrow. If you don’t have access to such information, maybe you can ask an acquaintance to refer you to a person who used van hire services in the past.

When you are considering which van hire company to choose in Harrow, there are a few things that you should look at. First of all, what is included in the price? Some companies offer unlimited mileage, excess damage waiver etc. Others may charge extra which will bump the price up. Some offer extras for hire such as satellite navigation systems, packing cases and strapping for securing your load. Be sure to ask around all the people that you know as many people have hired vans and personal recommendations go a long way in getting the right van hire in Harrow company.

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