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Van Hire in Hertfordshire

Van Hire in Hertfordshire

Sometimes people can get tired with living in a busy metropolitan area and they wish to relocate to somewhere more relaxing.  This is true for people that move from London to its neighbouring county, Hertfordshire.  They want to escape the big city life and spend their time in a quiet and peaceful place.  However, moving from one city to another can turn out to be one of the most stressful situations possible.  That is because getting all of your belongings to your final destination can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.  The most common solution would be to employ the services of a moving company to transport the cargo over long distances.  However, not all people trust these companies to properly ensure the safety of their stuff, so they rather pack it up, rent a van and move everything themselves.

Van Hire in Hertfordshire Companies

Traffic Self Drive is a great company that provides a wide range of van models at very affordable rates. They offer significant discounts on all of their automobiles for people that rent them for prolonged periods of time of over 7 days.

Vincent Vehicle Hire is another company that operates in the Hertfordshire area that promises friendly and professional services for the customer along with the latest models for all types of vans and cars. They too will provide the client with some serious discounts, either for repeat business or for renting an automobile for a period of 7 days or more.

Van Hire in Hertfordshire Costs

Vincent Vehicle Hire offers a wide range of vans of different sizes at affordable prices. The smaller vans like the Ford Connect and the Ford Transit SWB and LWB van have a rental price of £34, £45 and £57 for an entire day, respectively. You can save a lot of money if you need a van for longer periods of time by renting them for a week or even more at great discounts. The same three cars go for £27.50, £34 and £42 for a day if they are rented for seven days or more. That is a discount of approximately £10 on each model. Their bigger models like a Tipper, a Dropside or a Luton have similar convenient prices: £71 for the Tipper and £99 for a Dropside or a Luton. As before, if rented for a week the prices drop down to £52 for the Ford Transit Tipper and £75 for a Luton or a Dropside.

Finding a Van Hire in Hertfordshire Company

Being so close to a busy area like the Greater London region will ensure that there is always an option for those that want van hire in Hertfordshire. The best thing to do is not to rush and do business with the first company you see. Consult with some of your friends and family members first and see if any of them has some previous experience in working with a car rental company. That way you can avoid some of the beginner’s traps and fully benefit from van hire in Hertfordshire.

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