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Van Hire in Exeter

Van Hire in Exeter

Exeter is one of the most popular cities in England.  It is filled with historical monuments and buildings and, as a result, it attracts a lot of tourists.  Not only that but it has easy access to London, it has its own airport and a very prestigious university.  All of these mean that the population in Exeter is on a continuous rise and that people are moving into new houses and apartments every day.  This, in turn, has led to an increase in the activity of car rental companies in the area since most of the people that move to this city prefer to rent a van and carry their own stuff rather than hire a moving company to ship everything from one place to another.  This means that it is pretty easy for someone looking for van hire in Exeter to find exactly what he needs.

Van Hire in Exeter Companies

Europcar in not only one of the biggest, but also one of the most trusted car rental companies in the world. Although it has service stations in 143 different countries its main focus is on the European economic powers like Germany, France and the United Kingdom. This means that a good portion of the company’s two hundred thousand vehicles is used solely in the UK. Out of those, anyone looking for van hire in Exeter will have no problem finding the right model and size van that he needs, whether it is to transport his entire living room or just the kitchen fridge.

Other companies present in Exeter are National Car rental, Hertz and Van Hire 3000. They are also big international companies with a fleet of vans at their disposal that offer a wide selection of cars, services and equipment to anyone in the Exeter area.

Van Hire in Exeter Costs

Van Hire 3000 provides great rates for daily rentals on all types of vans available: small, medium, large, jumbo and Luton boxes. Small vans like the Renault Kangoo have a price of £34 per day with discounts available for periods over a week. Medium sized vans like the Ford Transit 260 SWB go for £50 per day and large vans like the Ford Transit 250 LWB are around £60 per day.

For those that have a lot of cargo to transport there are some options available, like the Ford Transit Jumbo that can be rented for approximately £80 a day. Their biggest available van is the Ford Luton Box that costs £95 a day to be rented.

Finding a Van Hire in Exeter Company

Those people looking for van hire in Exeter are in luck as there is quite the selection to choose from. Their only concern should be that they decide on the best deal available from the best company to work with. To make things easier they can consult with some of their friends or their family members to see if anyone of them has used this type of service in the past from any of the companies available. A trusted recommendation can be very helpful when you are looking for van hire in Exeter.

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