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Van Hire in Basingstoke

Van Hire in Basingstoke

Moving around Basingstoke is something that many people need to do on a regular basis.  You may want to arrange your own home removal or just need to buy a new bed and want to cut out on a delivery charge.  It may work out just the same price if there is only you but if you could arrange to shop with a number of friends or neighbours you could collect all your goods together.  It could also be that you run a company and sometimes need to transport large items around from time to time.  It you buy the vehicle it will cost you a lot of money and you will not get your use out of it.  If you just need it a couple of times a year it will be best to consult a company offering van hire in Basingstoke.

Van Hire in Basingstoke Companies

  • Bob Douglass Self Drive Hire is based in Basingstoke on the Daneshill Estate and has been established since 1972. They are able to offer good rates for whatever size van you hire from them and they have a good variety of vans to choose from.
  • 4 Rent Vehicle Rental offer van rental in Basingstoke and have vans for use by British and European drivers. You can rest assured that the van you hire will be well served and well looked after. The time you hire the van for is totally up to you and you will know in advance how much you will need to pay.
  • Rabbits Vehicle Hire is one of the top van hire companies in the Basingstoke area. They have a wide selection of modern self-drive vans and hire everything from small vans to 7.5 ton trucks with a tail lift. With continental van and car hire also available, this company claim to be able to meet all of your van hiring needs.

Van Hire in Basingstoke Costs

Without the need to pay for insurance, maintenance or any other on-going costs you will save a great deal of money with van hire in Basingstoke. This will clearly be on top of the money you have saved by not buying the van in the first place. Bob Douglas offers the hire of his vans from £35 a day for a Citroen Berlingo and £90 for three days. For each day extra you will be charged £30. Further up the range is the Ford Transit Hi Topmax and this will cost you £65 for the first day and £180 if you want it for three days. Each extra day will then be £50 a day while a weekend will be £120. Top of their range will be the Ford Transit Luton at £75 a day and £215.00 for 3 days. The weekend rate is £140.

Finding a Van Hire in Basingstoke Company

Make sure you shop around and don’t take the first vehicle you see. Ask the neighbour who has just helped a friend to move what company they used. The local shop delivers sometimes so ask them who they use when their own van breaks down and see what you can find out about each company that is mentioned. This is the best way to find a reliable and affordable van hire in Basingstoke company.

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