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Van Hire in Falkirk

Van Hire in Falkirk

As one of Scotland’s most beautiful cities, Falkirk sees its fair share of tourists and new people moving into the city.  Those who do decide to change the scenery and move from their homes to Falkirk have to go through the hassle of getting all of their stuff and moving it to a new house.  This can be accomplished by hiring a moving company.  However, there are those that do not have enough faith in these companies to properly look after their possessions.  This is especially true for people with valuable or fragile things.  They resort to another solution: renting a big enough van so that they can carry anything they want themselves.  This is a common occurrence and the car rental industry has picked up on it and is extending the reaches of their businesses every day.  Those that do decide to go down this route are in luck as van hire in Falkirk is a profitable and increasing business.

Van Hire in Falkirk Companies

  • Sixt is a great company to use that has a strong presence in Falkirk, as it does throughout the entire country. Not only do they provide good customer service and affordable rates, but they always have special deals available for specific vans or for rentals for longer periods of time.
  • Van Hire 3000 is also a competent and professional car rental company that is owned by the much larger Travel Jigsaw car dealership. With over 50 years of experience it provides great service to its clients and offers discounts to all loyal customers in order to encourage repeat business.

Van Hire in Falkirk Costs

As far as great value for a small price goes, Sixt is the best company. Besides their normal rates on the vans which are very affordable, they provide special deals in certain situations. For example, a Ford Transit 280 can be rented at just £29 per day. Those that need a bigger sized van could opt for the Ford Transit LWB, which is on special offer for just £37 per day for periods of 28 days or longer. Students can benefit from a great deal by renting a Volkswagen Caddy Van for just £25 per day, provided they bring the necessary documentation in order to prove that they are an active student at university.

Finding a Van Hire in Falkirk Company

Anybody that is looking to transport some cargo can rest assured that finding a van hire in Falkirk is pretty easy. The biggest decision they will have to face is which company to use. If they have previous experience in dealing with one particular car rental company then they should try and use them again as they will surely benefit from a discount for being a loyal customer. If that still does not help them, they could turn to a friend or a family member that has been through this before to give them advice regarding which company is best. Good tips from a person you trust can help out anyone looking for van hire in Falkirk.

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